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Mechanical & Electrical Design

We passionately believe in 3D design software and the integration of BIM modelling, through to 5D, being the key factor to the integration of a multidisciplinary approach to developing projects, reducing risk resolving inefficiency and significantly improving operations all through design phase and co-ordination stages before they leave the drawing board.

We offer building services design from inception through to installation along with co-ordinated information for the team on site.

Offering design information to suit all procurement routes, whether this be traditional full design through to performance related information to meet with design and build contracts.

Our experience and engineering expertise has resulted in our service quality and information delivery being linked to “best in class” commendations.  Our reputation has led to many organisations insisting on our appointment due to the level of detail and co-ordination we deliver. In doing so we eliminate cost risk and installation frustrations associated with co-ordination.

The scenario which delivers best value to client is when we are commissioned to undertake a turnkey service, this being all our service offer from inception through to delivery. On this basis we are able to more easily set the design, energy and environmental (BREEAM) strategy from day one and develop, refine and bring best value and fit for purpose solutions before tender, thus reducing if not eliminating the abortive exercises of retrospective “Value engineering” – which should be considered and integrated from day one and throughout the design process.

Offered below are some of the key design services that we provide, outside the typical building services realms;

  • Utility services investigations, design and quotation application/negotiations
  • HV & LV distribution studies
  • Grading studies
  • Existing capacity & load monitoring
  • Site wide localised energy strategies & renewable system assessments
  • Passive design/low energy assessments
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) assessments
  • Day lighting studies
  • Shadow cast analysis
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